my story

My sister and I were always drawing all kinds of stuff when we were kids. It was like playing games for us: we copied the characters from cartoons and movies like Disney figures. All freehand, from reference. We never used tracing paper or anything to make it easier. That was considered as “cheating”.

When I got my first computer, a Commodore 64 back in the 90’s, it opened up a whole new world for me to explore. I was so excited and amazed by the graphics and music of these video games. Other than just playing, I became interested in the how. So I tried learning the program language called “Basic” from a German users manual that came with the computer. I didn’t understand a word, so I just copied and typed the lines from the examples in the book and tried to understand the way these commands worked. I made changes in it and see how they affect. Shortly I was able to create those pixel graphics called “sprites”.

In High School I took specialized art classes. My favorite subject was “Letterforms and Composition”.

So that’s how I got into lettering and logo design. This became my job and passion I am doing for a living.

What really happened was:

During High School my focus slowly switched from drawing towards music. I invested most of my time and effort into practicing the guitar. At the age of 16, I joined my first band. That’s pretty much how my teenage years flew by and l quickly found myself at the crossroad. The kind of crossroad where you have to make a decision: Where to continue my studies? What do I really want to do in my life? I didn’t really have any idea so I applied to College to sudy law. I thought lawyers make good money so I will be able to continue and support my hobby.

By that time, drawing was completely faded into oblivion. I haven’t even considered it as an option for the future. Who does art for a living? Are you going be an art teacher or what? Designer? Seriously…  You need a real job right? So I went to college. That’s where I totally got lost…

After 3 years of struggling with learning massive paragraphs and thousands of materials by heart and barely passing the exams, I finally quit. I became absolutely disinterested and depressed of the whole thing. At that point, all I wanted was a regular day job. I didn’t want to attend any other classes any more. I felt like I am already “late” and I have to make money because I wasted so many years already for nothing. I had a few shitty jobs with ridiculously low minimum wage. Finally I ended up in the Netherlands as a factory worker.

I find myself packing fruits and vegetagbles (that was actually one of my favorite jobs), standing at assembly lines, loading trucks and moving stuff in warehouses. In my free time I lived for the weekends. I had beers with friends and coworkers after work. I went out to exlopre  Rotterdam or just hanging out, occasionally doing long roadtrips back to Hungary for vacation. I thought my life was kind of adventurous and fun. And it really was. I made new friends and all.

But something was missing… Once upon a day off, instead of going out or playing xbox, I tried to create a font from my handwriting just for fun (I have terrible handwriting, I can’t even read my shopping list sometimes). This is how I slowly get back to my track and found my true calling (again) in graphic design. The magic of the digital world reached out to me once again and I have heard the final call this time…I was awakening from a long hybernation after so many years… And reconnected to my real self again.

Today I am working with Glyphs App I enjoy learning new things and I constantly develop my skills about type design and design industry. I love traveling and seeing the world, meeting and making new friends with cool people and my other hobby is playing the guitar. I participated some great conferences (Seanwes 2016, Austin, Atypi Antwerp 2018,  Kerning Italy 2019, BITS9 Chiang Mai 2019) and planning to attend more in the future! See you soon,

& Cheers,