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This is a side project of mine that is about my research and work about Hungarian Rovas Script. Click on the image above or select “Rovas Design” from the main menu on the top of the page.
𐲉𐳎𐳋𐳂 𐳘𐳪𐳙𐳓𐳁𐳐𐳘 𐳢𐳛𐳮𐳁𐳤𐳑𐳢𐳁𐳤 𐳦𐳋𐳘𐳁𐳂𐳀𐳙. 𐲓𐳀𐳦𐳦𐳐𐳙𐳦𐳤 𐳀 𐳓𐳋𐳠𐳢𐳉 𐳮𐳀𐳎 𐳮𐳁𐳖𐳀𐳥𐳇 𐳀 “Rovas Design” 𐳘𐳉𐳙𐳭𐳠𐳛𐳙𐳦𐳛𐳦

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Latest font release: Midnight Diner

A multi-layered dimensional script font family featuring bold, outline and shadow capabilities, with a left-leaning slant to boot.

You can experiment with various layer combinations *and* colour! How fun is that? Being effortlessly casual, retro and elegant all in one, you can play it up or down to your liking – perfect for display graphics, logos, signages, packaging, lifestyle imagery, invitations and more.

It features a diverse range of stylistic alternates, contextual alternates, and standard ligatures, ensuring that you’ve countless options to choose from for your design work. This font family is delicately crafted and well thought out with every little detail in mind, to ensure its ease and versatility when used!

Midnight Diner is a collaboration between lettering artist and calligrapher, Leah Chong (www.leahdesign.sg) and typeface designer, Roland Huse (www.rolandhuse.com).

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Nerding with and learning from Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer