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This is a side project of mine that is about my research and work about Hungarian Rovas Script. Click on the image above or select “Rovas Culture” from the main menu on the top of the page.

𐲉𐳎𐳋𐳂 𐳘𐳪𐳙𐳓𐳁𐳐𐳘 𐳢𐳛𐳮𐳁𐳤𐳑𐳢𐳁𐳤 𐳦𐳋𐳘𐳁𐳂𐳀𐳙. 𐲓𐳀𐳦𐳦𐳐𐳙𐳦𐳤 𐳀 𐳓𐳋𐳠𐳢𐳉 𐳮𐳀𐳎 𐳮𐳁𐳖𐳀𐳥𐳇 𐳀  .𐳘𐳉𐳙𐳭𐳠𐳛𐳙𐳦𐳛𐳦 “Rovas Culture”

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Brand New: Bangkok Restless

I have been walking around the streets of Bangkok with my good old film camera taking photos the way like back in the day. I think there is something magical and authentic in it. Guess what, the first day I went out with that camera I stumbled upon a place is called Fotoclub BKK they develop film rolls how cool is that! I shoot all the 36 photos at the Silom area, taking random photos most came out off centred subject, wrong settings, blurry just like the way I wanted! Soon after I was working on a handwritten script that is a perfect match to the overall topic of my stay in Bangkok so I named it after this exceptional adventure I have had here. The font contains all European diacritics and special characters, some double letter ligatures and stylistic alternates for better flow and more organic and natural look. I hope you guys like it and it will add some spiciness to your next creative project! 


Any feedback or questions, character request please don’t hesitate to contact me either here or on social.


Have a great day and good luck with your work,

Cheers, Roland

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Nerding with and learning from Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer