Logo design page

2.1.) Business Card

1.) ideas, thumbnail sketches

2.) Some ideas refined, in black & white


“The Alt Key is the third key from the left on a Mac keyboard. If you press the key by itself, it won’t do anything because it can’t run a system command. But when you use it with other keys, you can quickly get to special characters and functions that are normally hidden.”

For the font, I was looking for something similar to SF Pro. The above concept I was using “Oxygen” Thin and Bold.

“⌘ M has the effect of minimizing the front window and could be a metaphor for reducing clutter or friction, etc, which in turn can save time.”

3.) Color Schemes

4.) Color combinations for the screen symbol concept

 Mint green and purple shades:

Best combination I explored is pale mint with a slightly more vibrant purple where the colors work well together with all the variations:

This simple animated gif is set to endless loop but the recommended use is just animate once, as an intro. Primarily on Podcast intros or youtube content. Can be also applied on the website.