no.1 “Kingfisher”

Kingfisher font cover

Kingfisher is a calligraphic font experiment bringing together latin style calligraphy with swashes and shodo brush strokes. The idea is to create a hybrid calligraphy that works well both with Latin and Asian scripts and eventually become a multi language script for cultural events and marketing material such as headlines for advertising material, branding or any media.

The lettershapes are based and built on sketches made with crayola marker. My goal is to keep their natural flow and dynamism at the same time, tweaking their shapes and balance out to maintain consistency. I am including stylistic alternates for many letters, as well as their small caps versions that can be mixed up with lowercase letters in a contextual cycling to allow more room for creative freedom to the end user.

Examples of how mixed up case and alternates works, and another one with latin text besides a Kanji. For CJK I don’t think it is possible from my end to complete as I have no expertise enough but as a future collab might be something to consider. However, I do intend to extend towards Thai script which I am looking for help with the Cadson Demak Team. I see much better potential in this font if it would be developed by a professional team and released under the umbrella Cadson Demak.

Happy Chinese New Year

Budapest: a calligraphy piece put together of /B.init /U /d.swsh /A.ss01.fina /P /E.ss01 /S_t.liga /underline.swsh

My attempt for Thai script “Krung Thep”

Hangul strokes of /Seo /ul

Uppercase alternates and small caps, ligatures for double letters /SS /St /iti /ll /ss /ti

Example of a Kanji experiment within the same style of calligraphy that fits well with the font overall.

no.2 “Hanga”

Hanga is a sans serif typeface that I have to rename because a font with this name already exist. If this is a font you would pick to help me with, I am open to give it a name that goes well with Cadson Demak naming structure.

There are three masters of this font and it covers Latin accents for all European languages Old Hungarian Rovas script and Cyrillic. I definitely want to add Thai script extension which you can see on the examples below.

The overall style of the font is slightly condensed. For the Thai Script I had a plan earlier to request Suppakit and the Katatrad Team to complete but I had no budget at that time and this project was put on hold.

no.3 “KrugThep”

Developing this lettering into a display typeface.

The Thai version of this piece was created based on its Latin  version during my internship last november at Cadson Demak and thanks to the constructive feedback and kind help of the team members.